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This line is a visualization of an entire music album. Sentimentshirt visualizes music with machine learning.

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Visualizing music with machine learning

This video explains how the Sentimentshirt visualizations are created:

If this is your first time visting Sentimentshirt, you should read the origin story. It's only a three-minute read and I think you will like it.


Find out how I created a t-shirt for one of my favorite live performances ever: Good Faith live by Madeon.

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Wear the visualization

What good is a visual if you can not show it to the world? That is why I decided to print the visualizations on a t-shirt. So both you, me, and every music fan can wear a unique representation of their favorite music every day.

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Request your own

Everyone has their own favorite music. I If you want to see your favorite music album visualized, send me a request using the form below.

Don't worry, you won't commit to anything using the form. I will make the visual and share it with you. After that you can decide if you want a t-shirt.

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If you are interseted in the Avicii t-shirt, you can get it here.