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Welcome to Sentimentshirt. A place where music is visualised in a unique way.

Hi, I'm Erik. Sentimentshirt is my side-project in which I combine my passion for music with my skills in data analysis. In this project, I use machine learning to visualise music in a unique way.

Youtuber Y Cubed made this beautiful video that explains how it works:

Use the dataviz explorer below to see visualizations that I've created so far.

Dataviz Explorer

About the process: First, I convert every song on an album into a data point. Each data point contains the sentiment of the lyrics. This determines the horizontal position of the song. Each data point also contains the strenght of the emotion. This determines the vertical position of a song. After the analysis, the dots are connected by a line. The line is then curved.

To see examples of the data visualizations, select an album here:

Now hit this button:

Generate visual

Et voila; you can now see the Sentimentshirt data visualization being generated below:

process placeholder

Putting the shirt in Sentimentshirt

Now you may be thinking:

Why is it called Sentimentshirt?

Good question. I like the results of my analysis so much, that I started turning them into t-shirts. This allowed me to take my design out into the world and wear it every day.

Here's a picture of me with such a t-shirt:

avicii tim data visualization t-shirt erik driessen

Me being happy with met Avicii TIM dataviz t-shirt.

Origin of Sentimentshirt

I'm a data analyst by profession and passionate about music. After Avicii's death in 2018, I tried to find a new meaning in his music using my data analysis and visualization skills. The result of that research project is Sentimentshirt. You can read the full journey I've been through here.

My visuals are free to use

Music is a personal thing. So I'd like to help you explore your favourite music in this unique way. There are three options here.

Option 1: visit the download page. Here you can download the lines I've generated for the music I like. You can use them any way you like.

Option 2: You can send me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn and tell me what music album you'd like to see visualised. You can also .

Option 3: If you are a python programmer, you can give the Github repository a visit. Yes. Sentimentshirt is open source.

T-shirt stories

When I create a new design, I write story about it. Visit the blog to read my stories about the t-shirts I generated from the music of some of my favorite artists.