the emotion of
your favourite album
on a t-shirt


Are you looking for a unique t-shirt based on your favourite music album? Then you are at the right place! Every dot on a Sentimentshirt represents the emotion of a song. Here's how it works.

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a unique t-shirt of Avicii's TIM

A new type of visual for a special kind of album. The line visualisation that represents the emotion of Avicii's posthumous album TIM.

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How is it made?

Sentimentshirts are created in 4 steps:

T-shirt examples.

Now that you know how Sentimentshirts are generated, I'll show you some examples. Keep in mind that you can request a t-shirt for any album you like. If you want to request one, scroll down a bit further.

Request your own Sentimentshirt.

Do you like what you see? You can easily request a Sentimentshirt for an album of choice:

Send an email to and tell me the album and artist you would like to see on a t-shirt.

I try to complete new requests within 10 days.

When the t-shirt is ready, I'll send you a link to the order page. On that page, you can change the type of t-shirt and colour of the requested t-shirt.

Origin story.

The story of Sentimentshirt starts on April 20, 2018. On that day one of my favourite artists left our world: Avicii. After his death, I tried to get a deeper understanding of the development in his lyrics. To do so, I analysed the lyrics of three of his releases: True, Stories, and the EP Avici (01).

During the process of analysing his lyrics, and discussing the results with friends, I came to the conclusion that I would not get any true meaning out of the results. So I took a creative detour. I stopped looking for meaning in the data, and instead focussed on the beauty. Analysing the emotion in music lyrics turned out to be a great way of visualing music. This is what Sentimentshirt is: a product that allows music lovers to wear a unique representation of their favourite album on a t-shirt.

You can read the full origin story on my personal website.