The emotion of
Avicii's album
on a t-shirt.
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This Avicii TIM t-shirt is a unique representation of the album. The visual represents the emotion captured from the lyrics of the songs. The details are explained below.

It's just a three-minute read. I think you will like it.

The emotion data

First, the Sentimentshirt system captures the emotion of each song. Each song is turned to two values. The score ranges from -1 for negative, to +1 for positive. The magnitude is based on the strength of the emotion in the song. This results in the table below.

After that, the system positions the songs based on their data in the sentiment grid:

On this grid, red songs are identified as negative songs, grey songs are identified as neutral songs, and green songs are identified as positive songs. Here is a visual of the data positioned on the emotion grid.

Connecting the dots

In the next step, the Sentimentshirt system connects the dots. It starts by removing all unnecessary elements:

After that, it plays a simple game of connect the dots. This results in the following visual:

The magic

In the final step, the system swaps the straight lines for a single smooth curved line. In this phase, each song puls the line towards itself, and the line curves from one point to the next. The result is this:

To finalise the visual, the system removes the numbered dots:

A beautiful organic line that represents the emotion of an entire music album. And it's generated by a computer system.

The t-shirt

All there is left to do now is to print the visual on a t-shirt. The colours of the t-shirt represent colours of the album cover the album TIM by Avicii.

Pretty nice right?

If you are interested in this t-shirt, you can get it here. Or request your own if you would like one of a different artist.